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Here at St. Joseph by-the-Sea we pride ourselves on offering students the full high school experience with one of the lowest tuition rates in the region.  High school is a time to develop academically, spiritually, and socially and while we hold our students to a high academic standard, we also want them to enjoy themselves.  We look forward to having you be a part of our family.

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Please Read The Information Below Regarding How To Officially Register


To register at St. Joseph by-the-Sea it is necessary to follow these steps:

1. Fill out the card that was inside your acceptance packet and mail it as soon as possible with your non-refundable acceptance/binder fee of $250 in the form of a Money Order payable to St. Joseph by-the-Sea High School. The card must be postmarked or hand-delivered no later than Friday, February 6th. We regret that we cannot accept personal checks or cash.

If it would be more convenient, you may return the card and Money Order in person at our General Office (hours are: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday-Friday). Once you return the card, please watch the mail for information regarding Registration Day on March 7th.

2. If, for some reason, you cannot come after the card and fee have been sent in, please notify us immediately! No fee is refundable or transferable to another school.

3. As previously indicated, your acceptance is contingent upon the fulfillment of ALL

of the following requirements:

• You must register on Thursday, March 7th.

You must bring with you a COPY of your Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate. Those who are not Roman Catholic cannot register at Sea. Please call if you have a question about this.

• Students are expected to produce a copy of their Confirmation certificate when they start classes in September, not on Registration Day. If a student has not yet received Confirmation, he/she must receive Confirmation before the conclusion of Freshmen year and must register for our Confirmation Program in October if he/she is not already on track to make Confirmation in the parish.

4. The tuition for the academic year 2019/2020 is $8,150.00. If you opt to pay monthly, you would pay $815 per month for 10 months – certainly among the most affordable tuition on Staten Island! *NB: Freshmen tuition includes the rental fee for the student’s iPad.

5. Sibling discount:

In addition, if a family is paying tuition for two or more students, the second and third child will receive a 20% discount.


Each year St. Joseph by-the-Sea hosts a special night for our newly accepted Freshman Class.  The night allows students to make new friends and enjoy themselves.

The night is also designed so that while the students are having fun, parents are able to have any of their questions and concerns addressed.

Please use the form below to register for the appropriate night:

Incoming Boys Night Will Be Wednesday, January 23rd at 6:30Pm


Incoming Girls Night Will Be on Thursday, January 24th at 6:30Pm

We will host our Parents Reception in the library which will begin at 6:30pm followed by an open format tour where all of your questions can be answered.

    Check as many of the items below that your student is already interested in. Please remember representatives from all programs will be present.

 Sea’s Parent Night At The Apple Store

Join Apple and other parents of the incoming class of 2023 at Apple Staten Island  for an evening of sharing.  You’ll learn about the Apple iPad one-to-one program, as well as Sea’s Seamless Online Learning Environment (S.O.L.E.).

The store will remain open exclusively for parents of St. Jospeh by-the-Sea students.  Apple staff and school administrators will be available to assist and answer questions.  


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Check Out Our Viking Student Center Opening In Time For Your Freshman Year!

Did You Know Sea Offers Private Bus Service For Our Brooklyn & North Shore Students?

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