Registration Portal

Welcome Class of 2025

Registration Day At Sea!

Welcome to St. Joseph by-the-Sea’s Registration Portal.  In order to safely and securely process your registration we’re pleased to announce our new online registration system.  By now you should have already completed our pre-registration process online.  If you HAVE NOT pre-registered please call us at (718) 984-6500 Ext 5324.   To access your unique payment portal please select your payment option below.  You will then be taken to a secure form where you will need to enter the students last name and TACHS ID.  You will then see a breakdown of fees unique to your student and have the ability to make your payment instantly and complete your registration at Sea.


Step 1

You first need to have completed our Pre Registration online.  If you have not, please dial (718) 984-6500 Ext 5324.


Step 2

Select your payment below. You will be taken to your unique payment portal.

Step 3

You will then need to enter the students last name and TACHS ID number.  Then click ACCESS MY PAYMENT PORTAL AND NEXT.  You will then see an itemized list of fees associated with registration and be able to make your payment.  Registration is NOT complete until payment has been made.  Payments MUST BE MADE NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, MARCH 5th


Please note, that the Registration Fee is a ONE TIME PAYMENT Payable directly to St. Joseph by-the-Sea and is separate and apart from anything you may have set up in FACTS.  After making your ONE TIME PAYMENT below, you will then use FACTS Tuition Management System for all future billing and tuition payments. Payments must be made by midnight tonight to complete your registration.