Congratulations On Your Acceptance To Sea!

Welcome to St. Joseph by-the-Sea’s Pre-Registration Portal.  In order to safely and securely process your registration we’re pleased to announce our new online system.  All students are required to complete our pre-registration by Friday, February 26th.  Once that has been done, you are then required to create a FACTS Tuition Management Account, and finally on Wednesday, March 3 you will be sent a unique link to make payment and fully register!  We’ve created the system to maximize the safety of our students, faculty, staff and of course our incoming Class of 2025!


Step 1

Using the student’s last name and TACHS ID Number, access the pre-registration portal below.  You will be able to digitally fill out all of the required information that would typically be handled in person.


Step 2

Once you have completed the pre-registration process, please create a FACTS Account by clicking here.  FACTS is our tuition management system which will allow you to set up payment plans, make payments, and apply any sibling discounts.  Your FACTS account must be created prior to registration day which is Wednesday, March 3rd.

Step 3

Once you’ve completed the pre-registration documents and created your FACTS Account, you’re all set to officially register on Wednesday, March 3rd.  You will receive an email, text message and phone call alerting you to visit our Registration Payment Portal, where you will be able to view and pay the unique fees associated with your student.  Once payment has been made you’re officially a member of the Sea Family!