Institute For Scientific Research

Headed by PH.D’s on Sea’s Staff

Our Science Program Gives Students The Opportunity to be Published in Medical & Science Journals Which is an Opportunity Unavailable Anywhere Else at the High School Level

Sea has launched a specialized program for its students focused on scientific research. The program is led by Dr. Sara Guariglia, Dr. Charles Jenkins, and Dr. Christopher Ferrante, all of whom hold Ph. D’s in their respective fields, and is taught in a newly constructed research facility on Sea’s campus.

Students will enter the Institute during their sophomore year and will be eligible to stay in the program until graduation. During their sophomore and junior years, students will work under scientist faculty mentors to perform a research project that can be presented at the New York Science and Engineering Fair during their senior year. Students will be working to conduct forward genetic screens to identify genetic determinants which are critical for normal development. They will also work to identify environmental exposures which may contribute to developmental disorders, such as autism, and to find which neurodevelopmental processes are affected by such exposures.

The research that the students will undertake has potential to yield important data regarding genetic and environmental influences on development, thus providing them with the opportunity to publish their work and share their findings with the global scientific community.

Sea Students Present Brain Development Research in Washington DC

Dr. Gracelyn Santos | STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Young scientists from St. Joseph by the Sea High School are in Washington DC this rainy Monday morning doing amazing things. The 13 young men and women -- representing the only Catholic High School to...