Appointment Only 7th Grade Open House June 13th

Frequently Asked Questions

If I Make An In Person Appointment What Time Should I Arrive?
If you decide to make an in person appointment to see the school, we will send you a text message and an email with the time slot you selected in our form.  You should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your appointment.  You will be asked to show your appointment time at the main gate before being allowed to park on the campus.  Those who arrive earlier will be asked to come back at their scheduled time.
How Long Will My In Person Appointment Last?
Your in person appointment will last roughly 30 minutes, and once you’re finished we ask that you leave the campus to allow for the next appointment to enter.
Do I Have To Pre-Register?
If you plan on making an appointment, you MUST register.  Anyone who arrives without a confirmation email and text message will not be admitted.
My Child Isn't In The 7th Grade Can I Still Attend?
We are only offering appointments to current 7th graders accompanied by 1 family member. Other students are encouraged to attend our traditional Open House event in October.
What Safety Measures Should I Expect During My Appointment?
Guests will be required to wear a mask to their appointment and adhere to social distancing guidlines per the CDC.  In addition, you will enter the building through our main entrance and pass through our thermal temperature scanner as outlined by CDC best practices.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to give us a call at (718) 984-6500 or click the link below to contact us.